My High level Home Automation Plans

Once all my stabalization projects are complete, I plan on moving to automation.

Below is the basic plan

Phase 1 – Establishment

  • Get some basic X-10 Energy savings executing
  • Learn about how to control and interface selected Digital Modules (Olimex – zigbee Mod-PIR)

Phase 2 – Digital Wireless

  • Get basic temperature monitoring going (basic rooms, inside, outside)
  • Automate Thermostat based on data from temperature sensors

Phase 2 – Ramp Up

  • Add more temperature sensors (stratification, outside sun, outside shade, pool temperature, attic (roof, floor, inside A/C, insulation bottom, insulation top etc)
  • Add control logic for energy savings. Door open sensor, Fan control, “don’t run” logic 
  • Add humidity, ground temp, ground moisture,  light

Phase 3 Final 

  • Add advanced energy saving logic
  • Add external air supplementation for energy savings
  • Add ventilation control
  • Advanced alerting
  • Monitor radon fan, sump pump, pool filter pressure
  • Solar control (when I add solar hot water … Pump control, over temp logic and alerting)



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