Initial impressions

Our home inspector pointed out a “past life expectancy” air conditioner air handler in the attic. We hired an HVAC guy to come and look at the Air Conditioning system before finishing negotiations. He reported a “past life expecentency” air handler and a newer Compressor outside.


The Attic:

Once we closed, I got my first close look at the attic. Indeed the air handler was a beast. Even worse, it was leaking air at numerous interfaces between major sections. One particularly bad interface had about a 3/4 inch gap and was bloging copious amounts of cold air into the hot attic.

The ductwork was not insulated on the outside. The flexible ducts were leaking cold AC air into the 130 degree attic.

The Attic Insulation:

About 4 inches of fiberglass… R14-ish by my book. Way too little. The access hole had three inches and was made from a piece of Sheetrock where 2 of the corners were slightly open to the house.


The Rest:
The windows are awesome double glazed. My Dad later pointed oput the that sidelights are single pane and there is no insulation in the wooden part.


The basement:

A 30 year old gas furnace, minimal pipe insulation. 3-4 inches fiberglass insulation in the Sill plate boxes. The Hot Water heater was fairly new. There are 3 single pane basement windows .




The pool pump was scheduled to run for 12 hours.



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