Home Energy Improvement Master Plan

1) Stabilize

Here I plan on sealing, Fixing and otherwise improving that which is already there. The attic and basement are my two main targets. The attic needs much more insulation and the air handler is in sad shape. I need a new access cover.

2) Improve.

This is mostly adding insulation to the attic, but in order to do that, other things have to happen first like Improving soffit ventilation, and building various insulation dams before blowing the insulation.

3) Home automation
I plan on installing various sensors all over the place. Attic temperature, garage basement, each floor, outside in the sun and shade and more. Also, I hope to have a humidity sensor in many locations, and may even monitor ground temperature and moisture. Did I mention motion sensors? Anyway, the main goal of the automation is to find ways to save energy. Here’s an example:. If a normal thermostat is calling for heat at 8:00 am and the temperature outside is close to the current inside temperature and it is rapidly warming outside, Do not run the furnace that one time. I have many ideas for similar smart control of the HVAC.


4) Alternative energy

A few years down the road, I’d love to install solar. I did lots of thinking about this and, due to the relative efficiencies between solar hot water vs. Photo voltaic  I’m going the solar how water route. But I have a few additional things in mind. Specifically, Id love to heat my pool in addition to my hot water. This creates an interesting problem of excess heat, during the non-pool heat months, so I plan on using the excess heat to supplement the heating system of my house through radiant floor heat.


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