Building structures in the attic before blowing insulation

It seems to me that digging through blown cellulose or fiberglass is a nasty job.


There are several things you should consider before blowing insulation

1) Do you plan on adding anything to the floor below ceiling like lights?

2) Things will be burred like wires, pipes and walls and finding them later will be tricky

3) Insulation may need to be kept away from light fixtures or other mechanical things that are there now or planned in the future.

4) Moving around will be a challenge after the installation

5) You my want structures up there.

In my case, I plan on:

1) Adding a floor for storage,

2) Adding a gangplank for walking the length of the attic

3) lPlan on marking all important wires, pipes and locations of walls

4) Build a storage platform above the insulation

5) Build an insulation Dam around my air handler so a tech could open and work on it.


Building these is the next and final phase