Building structures in the attic before blowing insulation Part II

I’m almost done


1) I’ve built the sub structure for the storage platform

2) Built the sub structure for the gang plank

3) Built the dam around the air handler

4) Am about the build the dam around the access hole


In thinking about moving around int he attic after blowing insulation, I realized that I may need to move laterally (out to the eaves) and, that may be problematic. My initial thought was that I could merely take a piece of plywood and lay it down where I wanted to walk out, but I fear that blown insulation would compress a wider area and start putting pressure on the ceiling below

to that end, I decided to put sub-surface (blown surface)  plywood at reachable intervals., I determined that I could reach out 2 sections from another section and thus put my “branch walks) 5 sections apart . By section, I mean the space between two joists.

There are variances in this as some joists are small and some are wide, but reach-ability was the driving concern.

So, to be clear, I will have fiberglass at the bottom, then a piece of ply, then blown cellulose above the ply and ultimately walk on the cellulose that is on top of the ply when and If I need to access that area of the attic.