Version 2.0 of Temperature monitoring system

So now that I have self configuring software in the Arduino, spinning up a new set of sensors or adding digital pins to an existing one is relative simple. All I need to do is the electronics and wiring and to change a JSON array in Node.js and I am in business.

My short term plans include monitoring the state of the garage doors, a sump pump running monitor a humidity sensor outside , and a smart irrigation ground moisture sensor.

Later, I plan on adding the ability to control my garage doors, and to add a new piece of software that adds intelligence over the collected data.

For example, if the sump pump running frequency passes a certain threshhold, I’d like the system to send me an alert via email.
If my garage doors are left open after a certain time, I’d like them to close.

In the future I’d like my system to interface with my thermostat to make even smarter decisions about running or not running. FOr example if the temperature upstairs is cool and downstairs is warm, just run the fan and not the compressor. I have lots of ideas but all are based on having good data.

My new module will have functions for each different thing I want to have it do. The code will query the database and apply some fuzzy or not so fuzzy logic in order to take actions and then add the actions to the transmit queue.