New pool pump for energy savings

I’ve recently done a bit of research into saving energy by switching to a better pool pump


Here’s what I learned


Pumps volume varies with speed directly. so 1/2 speed = 1/2 of the water flow

Pools need a certain amount of filtering per day… the apparent rule of thumb is once per day

Here the magic:

Energy consumption varies with the cube of the speed


so a motor running twice as fast, uses 8 times the power. Sed conversely, a pump running 1/2 speed uses 1/8th of the power


So, A 1/2 speed motor has to run twice as long to pump the same amount of water, so it shoule use about .25% of the energy.


I measured the current at my current hayward super pump and it was drawing about 10 amps at 220 Volts . I currently run it for about 8 hours per day

that’s about $0.30 per hour or $2.40/Day or $72 per month


I found a brand new 2 speed pentair poool pump on craislist and the specs indicate that I should save about $40 per month.

The added advantage is the system will operate at a lower pressure probably extending the life of the various parts