More temperature monitoring effort underway

I am planning on getting a new roof this year. My house never had soffit vents installed. They are supposed to allow a natural airflow that will keep the attice cooler and cause less decay in the roof and shingles. Also, a cooler attic will make it easier to cool the house.


My plan is to expand my temperature monitoring to include the attic. Once the summer os over, I can have the roof replaced and soffet vents installed, and then next summer, I can have comparative data to determing if the soffet vents make a difference.

To do this, I will need to modify my way of collecting data. I’m planning on modifying my Arduino code to be more generic (as I have even further plans for more).

My intent is to make code that , upon receiving a message configures the Arduino based on the message, and then reads or sets the outputs/inputs and returns the values as appropriate.

My code will change to handle many Adruinos and poll each one on it’s own schedule. In addition, each reading will be able to be modified by a custom function allowing scaling, linearizing and other corrections that may be needed. In addition, the function could contain logic and other code that could react and do things like sending alerts, controlling other devices and more. For example, Imaging at the end of the day, the outside temperature is cooler than the inside, but, the thermostat is about to turn on the air conditioner. I can suppress the A/C run because the house will cool itself off anyway. I also plan on recording when major systems are running like the furnace, Hot water heater, Air conditioner and sump pump. I could for example, note when the sump pump is running and send an email once the frequency of running gets past a threshold so I can proactively take appropriate measures.