Internet of Things (IoT) Project-Project Plan

Start with the End in Mind.



  • Understand the nature of the temperature gradient relative to a heated building with attached enclosed space
  • Notify me when there is a risk of garage stores beverages freezing (and possibly bursting)
  • Notify me when data logging has stopped
  • Reactivate a long dormant project
  • Use Wireless Mesh Network technology(Zigbee)  to transmit sensor data
  • Use Node.js to Post data to the web
  • Learn Google Charting Basics
  • Build a full suite solution… Sensor wiring through Mobile APP integration demonstration project
  • Prepare for next project, Documenting the leakage decay of NiMH batteries over time,
  • Better understand data transmission in a looping environment and the impact of errors on the loop



  • Measure 6 temperatures in the attached garage and immediate outside.
  • Log the temperature data to a web-based database
  • Graph the collected data as a line chart
  • Enable the user to select which sensors to see and for what period
  • Log temperatures every 10 minutes
  • Enable multiple projects to be logged into the same database
  • Beer Freeze Alert Email
  • Show current temperatures on a mobile App
  • Outside temp freezing temperature transition alert (notify when temp goes below or above freezing)

Architecture Diagram

Temperature Monitoring Architecture Diagram

Project WBS – High Level
Phase 1 – Arduino

  • Get Zigbees transmitting data
  • Wire sensor harness
  • Get sensors readings working

Phase2 – Communication to PC

  • Devise Data transmission packet and signaling from Arduino to Node.js
  • Get Node.js reading from the serial port
  • Display transmitted packet in Node

Phase 3 – Database update

  • Design database
  • Disassemble Arduino Packet
  • Construct JSON packet
  • Get HTTP post working from Node
  • Write PHP to process JSON into SQL statement and insert data

Phase 4 – Rough Charting

  • Learn basics of Google Charting
  • Write PHP to populate Charting library data
  • Add timeframe user selection in HTML/PHP
  • Add sensor user selection

Phase 5 – Mobile APP

  • Build Webview cross device Mobile app
  • Build JSON consuming cross device Mobile App (current Temp display?)

Phase 6 – Debug/Enhance

  • Look into sensor accuracy and noise
  • Better install Sensors

Phase 7 – Alert

  • Build an email notification when outside temperature goes above/below freezing (with hysteresis)
  • Build an email notification when inside center wall temperature stays below freezing for more than 10 hours (Beer Freeze warning)
  • Add a missing sample alert (sensor or internet down

Phase 8 – Document and Communicate

  • Write these posts
  • Outline video
  • Shoot video
  • Edit Video
  • Post video


Phase 8 – Possible future enhancements

  • Local database logging and replication to the web for higher reliability
  • Add sensors to look at gradient vertically
  • Add sensors to record Garage door opening./closing to better explain internal temperature shifts
  • Add motion sensing for same as above and beginning security
  • Add temperature inside car monitoring